Custom Texts

Instructors work hard to develop a unique course that's fully in tune with their students, their teaching style, and their research. How can a traditional standard textbook begin to support it? And why depend on photocopies and homemade handouts when students can have a professional text, anthology, or manual with customized material for a lower price?

Whatever your requirements, our staff of experienced professionals will provide the design, production and distribution services necessary to publish a high-quality textbook.

CourseWorks® can:

- Custom design a cover that reflects the author's institution, program and course
- Paginate the text and typeset the table of contents, title page, and acknowledgement page.
- Assign an ISBN and copyright the textbook in the author or institution's name.
- Format and proofread all original and OCR scanned material.
- Typeset previously published materials using our state-of-the-art scanning capabilities.
- Print, bind and deliver the textbook to a campus or local bookstore on time — at no cost to the author.
- Create a custom website for each textbook to showcase the author's published work and even promote individual sales through CourseWorks® online storefront!

To request a free sample textbook and publishing guide or to start the process of creating your own textbook, call us toll free at 814-231-1256. Or email us at

How to Order Custom Textbooks

- Contact CourseWorks® directly here to get started or have us work with your local or campus bookstore.

- Work directly with us every step of the way by calling 814-231-1256

Important information about preparing your own original material

To best serve our authors, CourseWorks® Custom Textbooks accommodates the many ways original material can be prepared. Publication possibilities range from reproducing your material as submitted to typesetting — depending on your preference and the desired price of the book.

We prefer to receive all manuscripts electronically. Traditionally, manuscripts are submitted as Adobe Acrobat PDF files. Your publishing consultant can help you determine how best to submit your materials.