CourseWorks Information for Students

Here is important information regarding key features of the site for Students.

The first time you purchase a product, you will be asked to register for an account.

-If you are a returning user, your username is the email address you used for your purchase. Your password can be sent to you at this email address if you do not know it. Please follow the instructions for a forgotten password.

Your account will show your purchase history and other product information. Some products include Course Keys and File Downloads that are initially distributed by email. You can also find these items stored in your account after a completed purchase.

- To view these items in your account, first, log-in to your account. Then, click the "My Account" link on the top right. Then click the link for the type of account activity you are looking for.

-Once in your account: Purchased files are under the link heading "Files". Purchased Course Keys are under the link heading "Course Keys".